artist | songwriter | producer

Pioneering a new genre she coins ‘poetic pop,’ Deza’s music seamlessly blends the familiar and fresh. Bringing high-brow lyricism tucked into incredibly relatable topics, Deza captivates the audience from the first word. Combining elements of today’s top-40 with an unheard emotional intensity, Deza is bringing a much needed dose of authentic storytelling and mesmerizing vocal performance back into the pop realm. Deza’s musical thumbprint is so distinctive, that her melodies and productions make a landscape of work instantaneously and irreversibly connected to her, as if she were her own ecosystem. Her honest vulnerability recently caught the eye of hit songwriter, Emily Warren, who has credits with Dua Lipa, The Chainsmokers, Sigrid, Lennon Stella, and so many more. Deza is now the first and only writer signed to Emily’s brand new publishing company, Under Warrenty, alongside Prescription Songs. With this new signing, Deza has effortlessly catapulted herself into the upper echelon of today’s hit writers.

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